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Quit Your Job

by Hate Your Friends

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And I rise and crawl under an 8 hour day not to feel at all am I so brave? to be alive in time beautiful bearing gift the light inside cultivating darkness that these walls and I use to know don't exist now at least not anymore to stream through distances among the filing codes stare to the fleeting future like a present I use to know that must wear me down with minimal requirement dusty bones and rocks that slide against concrete while the vision of future laid us in the heaviest sleep to where I'm still sleeping Pour over me I'm not enslaved like any creature I crave and I crave rationalize dark parts of my brain to stay awake decompose with me I'm not afraid of my obscurity relinquish my fate as I sat near the river I heard it rush right through for once I shut the fuck up and I listened.
Seizures 01:20
Still thinking about the shit I lost along the way Say, "I'll try again tomorrow" when I wake up everyday Seizures Can you feel the pulse? There's life still left to live but death was in love with us so tell me What am I to do? Well I hope everything I do comes back to you, it's true. I'm trying to keep it real but you know I'm still dreaming At least I know it ain't real when it's you that I'm seeing Seizures leave me on the floor I don't even really want to get up anymore so see ya on the other side wake me up in the morning I will be HUNKEDORI
don't stay back there nostalgia gets you nowhere block after block some deepened dark system shock I dream of hell Quit your job Hey, man, what else do you got? find a reason for your reprieve break it down, piece by piece I dream of hell and I hear your voice I can't shut off the noise I just wanted to listen but you just wouldn't stop. I dream of hell
the life that I long for to afraid to get it i told you a few time every time we forget it all I want is to wake up everyday like an angel beside you like my own private island yeah that ocean is mine too even if we scream at the top of our lungs at least we know we are the only ones the life that I long for I'm afraid that it won't last me wasted days in the ocean the sky is cryptic above me all I want to wake up everyday like a train-wreck beside you like my apocalypse venture yeah, that hell-fire is mine too. eve if I screamed at the top of my lungs at least I know I'm the only one. I left my mind floating in the ocean all i want is to be happy and beautiful
never coming home swallowed up by the unknown I hope you never change that's what they always say its always dark outside i see those neon lights could have been there hours ago but im taking the long way
I Need $$$ 02:16
I have no money but I miss you dearly I get drunk now only to forget everything because it's simple my misery is simple I get up in the morning and it's self-afflicting I had a dream you were here but I was only hugging my pillow everything is funny when you'r laughing but nothing is great when you are crying I could burn down a city a big fucking city with my passion for you it's horrible. I had a dream you were here and you still hated me
Bangers 02:38
there is Technicolor flowing through your eyes so keep them longing you keep them wide. and feel the wind through your fingers attempt to hold it for a little bit longer than you would if you were back in time death induced teenager taking those strides and you were kind and no one knew but I did hear the hum television static asleep in my bed And you were blessed inside of that mind talking of universe something inside the ebb and flow of mankind what had troubled your mind? was it the lingering dark of the ground below the decaying nature of your skin and bone that made you sing a song already sung among the river and the decrepit graves of the fallen ones
You like the idea of forever Two Halves stitched together in the fleeting of our youth the edges will forever be sharp a wish for a never-ending summer but the summer could be a bummer if all you can think of are all the repeated mistakes And it's a struggle to remain when nothing can stay the same and you are completely out of luck and it's a struggle to maintain or find something to say when you can no longer give a fuck And it's the same shit everyday and you'd do the same shit anyway in the crater of my heart there ain't no future anymore To speak of birth you never chose time is not a ghost to find a pulse in the void to become calm collected and sure. and to channel our dead selves among the memories of a million tiny cells they go out one by one by one on to death, like a tiny, tiny sun and I cannot remain


released August 4, 2015

Recorded by Michael Briggs in the Beat Lab Paradise that is Civil Recording. Background vocals on Whooda Thunk? done by Andrew Messer from the best band in the world Stymie. also, Andy Messer, Ryan Schefsky, Marshall Rogers, Taylor Kiss, John Hodge, Adrian Scarbrough, Whitney Wood are all on those gang vocals. The Audio-clip at the beginning of Whooda Thunk? is David Ignatow from his poem "What About Dying?"

That picture is of Jeramy
Will Mecca took that picture, It was a pretty good party


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